A God that Doesn't Count

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

According to Romans, God is not in the business of working on His math skills. He is God after all, right? Who needs to practice math when you invented it?  He is the God that doesn't count...

I would rather have God as my judge than any other person.  I know. It sounds crazy. A Perfect Person in judgment over an imperfect one sounds like a raw deal. There is no way you could measure up in a situation like that. Perfect always has the advantage. The problem with a judge in human form? That judge isn't perfect either!  For many years I experienced the lack of grace from others. Condemning words. Hateful looks. Frankly, it hurt. BAD. But now I realize what God was up to.  He was teaching me about His grace. He was teaching me to crave Him as judge and jury because unlike people He doesn't keep a record of wrongs. He doesn't judge us even when He knows our hearts unlike a human being who judges the hearts they can't see.

We have a God that doesn't count. He doesn't count our sins against us. He knows our complete heart. He knows our weaknesses. He knows how we struggle. And He puts that aside to dole out grace. Do we deserve it? Hardly. Can we earn it? No. He loves us "as is" as He moves us along to become what we should be.

Have you totally messed up? Take it to Him. You'll find He isn't in the counting business. His economy is based on grace.  Something we can't earn and don't deserve.  Something we crave. Something He is more than willing to give.

My Word of the Year is COUNT.  Come count with me.

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