To Ward off Anxiety

Monday, June 23, 2014

Gratitude battles anxiety. Anytime I can thank God for what He has done in the past it builds my faith of what He will do in the future. I don't have to worry...He has everything covered. He has walked through the darkest times with me which means He will walk with me come what may.


-A sunny windowsill
-Time to read

-Dinner with friends
-Long walks
-Prayer time for a friend's daughter
-Alaskan scenery

-House cleaning
-Lots of rain
-Sun after the rain
-New cards bought for an activity for my Spanish classes

-Bulk baking done
-Finishing prep work for my most advanced student in the fall
-A toddler calling out my name
-Those that showed grace
-A night of insomnia and a needed nap
-Bittersweet moments
-Lunchtime with friends and family
-The reassurance that who we are in Christ matters more than what others think of us.

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