The Lonely Places

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What are the lonely places? According to Bonnie Gray's book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest, it is the wilderness where we are deserted by others and deprived of their aid and protection. It is the wilderness though that gives us time with God. It is the wilderness where God finds us. This past year or so I have lived in a wilderness of sorts. Last week I spent sometime journaling about it...a letter to God.

Why have you taken me into the wilderness? For freedom? For refinement? To focus more on You? To get healthy? To be whole? The lonely places are where You regenerate me. The place where I can rest and be put back together again. It is an opportunity to find the me I am becoming.  I am so different from what I once was. I am learning to accept what is new. To breathe in the freshness of it all.  All that is so different.

I am not understanding where all this is leading, but do I really need to understand the wilderness to survive it? I survive it because YOU lead me through it. I have lost pieces of myself, but not all is lost. Being rejected isn't the end of life...rejection just propels you forward to a different life. Those pieces I trust in others, my willingness to connect, my love of gift-giving will come back in time.  I don't have to pick up the pieces because that is what You do.  You put me back together again in quietness and rest. You give me strength and salvation. {Isaiah 30:15} So I will go to the lonely place and pray...

Bonnie Gray's book will grab your emotions {Her story is hard to put down!} and give you the tools to find rest in Him.  A must read!

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