Journey Off Script

Thursday, June 12, 2014

II Corinthians 3:3

God as a writer. I've always wondered how He does that. Because if you really think about it He writes a lot of scripts. A plethora of stories. All our lives are written by Him. 

We know that He writes with His fingers. He did so with the ten Commandments. He wrote in the sand beside an adulterous woman so many years ago using only a finger.  He is also the disembodied hand at a banquet who writes a warning with his finger to a king. But what does He write on? On our hearts. He uses our stories to change our hearts and the hearts of others.

We would like to think that we write our own stories...that we have control and power over what happens in our lives. For the past year and a half my story has gone off script. Off my script. Not off His. Our stories run through His fingers. There is nothing that happens to us that gets past God. Does that mean He orchestrates evil when the bad days come? Absolutely NOT. He does, however, allow events into our lives to form our character. Because every good story needs great characters.

These days my script doesn't look like anything I would have written.  I am having to rest in Him. He knows where the plot will thicken, how my character will transform, and when He needs to write "The End" to a chapter in life. Resting is hard to do when you don't understand where your story is going. That would be me. The one with the lack of understanding.  The one that is waiting to see where she'll end up in "The End". For now, the only thing to do is to allow Him to write in the "whitespaces" of my life. Those whitespaces are where I rest in Him. I calm my heart even when my head doesn't understand. It is there in those spaces that God can write beautiful chapters.

Are you struggling with where your life is going? Or maybe, it is a struggle because of what has happened in the past? Or are you barely living because in the here and now there is no time to breathe? I recently read 
Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest by Bonnie Gray. It has been a tremendous help to me as I go through this next chapter in life.  In the book, she tells her story of abuse, panic attacks, and the struggle to meet God in the mess. To rest in Him. To find those "whitespaces" so that she could be at peace and move on.  I highly recommend her book for any woman that is filled with angst over the past, present, or future. Her story and ideas have brought healing in my life as I struggle with where God is leading me.

If you are interested, read more about her book.

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