Anger blooms...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Feeling angry? Trying not to lash out at others? At God?  Anger is silenced when we speak our gratitude. It is tempting to sit and stew in the angry brew we can develop in our hearts. Sometimes it is just easier to stay there.  Last week as I was taking a walk I was tempted to get upset about a past event.  I decided instead to list in my head all the things I could be thankful for because it happened. The anger quickly dissipated. So the next time I am upset with a situation or person I am going to try gratitude instead.

My gratitude list for the week...

-Being in the wedding of a dear friend
-A perfect afternoon for a wedding
-Twenty-two years of marriage
-Remembering my great aunt on her birthday

-Doing Bible study in my greenhouse in the morning.  My favorite place to study God's Word!
-Tomatoes already!!

-Beautiful summer days last week
-A video clip from a friend as she travels
-Weeding...yes, weeding the garden.  A peaceful job that clears my mind.
-New wax melts from GraceNoteGifts
-One of my sons helping me prep some of my summer Spanish lessons
-New supplies for my lessons
-A walk with a friend
-Coconut brownies...Yum!
-A much needed nap
-Having the best dad in the world!!
-Looking at sidewalk art downtown

-Watching Downton Abbey

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