Giving Him the Pieces

Thursday, June 26, 2014

When I was little I loved doing puzzles. The kind with lots of pieces and details. It seems strange to me now since I have become the type of person who would rather deal with the big picture than get bogged down in the tiniest of details. There would come a time as I was working with a puzzle that I just needed to walk away from it. The pieces would drive me crazy! There would be just too many of them for my mind to deal with.

Life can be a puzzle. It can be in pieces because of a tragic event, the hurt words or actions of another. It can fall apart in our busyness or our lack of attention to detail. Sometimes we are the ones in pieces...emotionally, physically, spiritually. The problem is being back together is a mind boggling task.

For me, it was hurtful words and actions that left me in pieces. While God has allowed an incredible amount of healing in my life I would have to admit that I know deep down inside there are pieces of me still.  I am stronger. I am less afraid. I have become healthier, but the brokenness lingers in me. I am learning that to make peace with my past I must give God the pieces. Trust Him with my brokenness even when I don't understand how He will mold me back together. Rest in Him all the while knowing that He has it all figured out.  I don't have to.

Are you struggling with the brokenness of your past? Did someone verbally shred you? Did a tragedy leave you crushed under the weight of it? Or maybe you are haunted by what you did because your actions broke something or someone. It doesn't matter what it is. The only way to survive it is to make peace with it. To make peace with your past give God your broken pieces.  That may mean you need to...
-share your brokenness with Him.
-forgive the person that hurt you.
-apologize to the one you hurt.
-make amends through actions.
-trust that He is still in control.
-rest in the fact that He doesn't rest and holds you close.
-give up control of your past by giving it to Him.
-own your part of the past {your contribution to the pain}

Spiritual Whitespace is the concept of resting in the quiet, lonely places. It is dealing with your past so that you can move forward into the future. I have found such peace as I let Him lead and realize that my pain will someday have a purpose.

Bonnie Gray has written Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest in which she takes you down the path of her past and how she learned to deal with it by resting in Him.  Well-worth the read!!

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