A Piece of Gratitude

Monday, June 30, 2014

Brokenness can turn to beauty through the simple act of gratitude.  Giving thanks becomes our ticket out of the sorrow we may face.  How many times has God met me in the simple gifts of every day life? A kind word? A gift unexpected? How many times has He offered grace and I failed to see it?  Keeping a gift list keeps my vision honed in on all that He does for me.  It shows the beauty that He brings in the midst of brokenness. Peace comes when we give God our pieces and give Him thanks in all circumstances. The goal is to not fight the brokenness, but to surrender to the Peace Giver. 


-The power of prayer
-A friend's daughter getting through surgery
-Teaching kids
-Learning about shame and how to deal with it
-God's Word and the truths He has been pouring into my life.
-Lunch with a friend at a new restaurant
-Peace He gives when we give Him control
-A kind word Sunday morning
-A VERY helpful husband
-Extra time with a son
-Time in prayer
-An unexpected photo texted
-A house cleaned
-Funny stories shared
-Stories of faith shared with my sons
-Wonderful worship

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