His Mercy is New

Monday, May 19, 2014

Waves of grief wash over me.  The woman with road rage gesturing ugliness.  The tears well up, and I become a puddle.  Why am I acting like this? Why react this way to someone who obviously is an angry, bitter person? I don't eve know who she is!! Then it hits me...something from inside me comes to the surface. "I don't deserve to be treated this way!" It isn't the lady in the car with her ugly gestures that has me overflowing with emotions and tears.  It is the family member who abused.  The band of sisters that mistreated. I leave the crazy driver behind knowing that another level of grief hits. This time I am not scared of it because I know that as another layer of pain is peeled off that God will lay down another mercy.  He never runs out of them...the mercies. They are new every day and every moment even in the memories of past hurt or in the current moments of pain. The places where we hurt He brings healing.  The times we fail He brings redemption. The moment we fall apart He holds our pieces.

So I count His mercies...


-The smell of dirt
-Quiet time with Him
-Long walks and warm weather

-The wind and the stillness after it.
-His mercy when the pain comes.
-The tweeting of birds (something that I miss during the long winter months here).
-A new journal
-Time to write in peace
-Getting to use Google Glass even if I looked foolish
-Allergies at bay
-Chance meeting with a friend
-Movie night with two other couples
-My husband's humor
-Seeing this on one of our walks last week...sap suspended in time

-Lots of exercise...about 4 miles of walking each day
-Finding shoes on sale
-Making granola
-Strawberry plants
-Precious minutes on the phone with a friend
-Planting carrot and lettuce seeds

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CynthiaJSwenson said...

I wish I was in Alaska again with it's skinny little trees! But then again, prayers go where I can't (for my son & his wife). Always enjoy finding you at Ann's. Someday you will look back & be amazed at how the GREAT HEALER has touched your life! (Ask me how I know...) Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia