When you count on the One who can be counted on...

Monday, April 28, 2014

We don't always get what we want.  We count on a person or an event happening in life and are devastated when life falls through the cracks. The cracks are there to remind us that there is Someone to be trusted even in the broken places.  We can count on Him when we can't count on others or things going our way.  When we count our blessings it reminds us that He is trustworthy.

My counting for the past week or so..


-Easter.  Such a joy-filled day!  This Easter in particular I had a sense of peace and happiness.
-The key lime pie we had on Easter.

-Going bowling with Tim a week or so ago.  So much fun!  We were terrible at it because we haven't bowled in forever.  But who cares!

-Resting on the couch with this furry friend. 

-Keeping my oldest company as he recovers from his wisdom teeth being extracted.
-My son's amazing recovery from surgery!
-Long walks
-Beautiful scenery on those long walks

-The semester nearing the end
-Gearing up for the summer
-The wonderful weather we have had lately
-Sunlight, sunlight, and more sunlight
-Peace and healing in the last few months
-That God fills in the cracks of our life with His love
-Getting a dress to wear in a wedding coming up soon

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