The People Factor by Van Moody

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"There must be a reason you picked up this book. Most people do not read books on relationships if they feel their relationships are healthy, happy, or easy." And so Van Moody starts his book with a gigantic kernel of truth...there is a reason why people read relationship books, and it normally has to do with relational angst. If you are one of those people that feels an urge to read a book on relationships, then Van Moody's book will give you a plethora of insight. He walks you through "the critical laws of relationships" and signs of what makes a person a healthy candidate.  The second part is the "strong" part of the book in the sense that Moody talks about the difficult subject of ending a relationship.  So many in the Christian community seem to think that we are to be "friends" with everyone, but Moody proposes that that is not always the Biblical response.  Toxic relationships are not something that we should engage in.  They damage us and sidetrack us from our God-given tasks in life.  We are so wrapped up in dealing with the ugly that we can't do what God really wants us to do.  The last part of the book talks about what it takes to have great relationships. One point that Moody brings out is that one of the biggest relationship mistakes is giving too much too soon.  I tend to do that.  I love loving on people.  But in a sense, it can be a great hindrance if you are giving too much too soon to an unhealthy individual.

There are all kinds of nuggets of wisdom in The People Factor.  Here are a few...

People who are blessed because of your generosity and then have the audacity to complain can be summed up in one word: TAKERS.  Sooner or later, relationships with takers become unhealthy and ultimately toxic.

When emotional poison in in the heart of a human being, he or she has nothing but toxicity to offer a relationship.

Fear proves a lack of trust. If you are afraid of a person or fearful in a relationship, that's a danger sign.

Take the necessary steps to get your heart healed and whole so the wounds of your past do not bind you to the detrimental people of your past.

If you are struggling, then Moody's book might be the place to start.

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