Never Forsaken

Monday, March 24, 2014

Though we may feel alone and abandon that is never the case. Christ is always with us.  He never forsakes us. Counting all the little ways He loves us can help get us through those lonely times.


-More healing
-Sunny days
-A few moments on the deck
-Bulk cooking done for April
-Meeting a woman from Panama at church 
and getting to talk to her in Spanish
-Learning about legalism and grace in a sermon
-This quote: Legalism shows up in our
harshness towards others. If you are
living a grace-based life you will be gracious.
-A woman excited to share a blessing in
her life with me. 
-This puppy nose

-A week of getting caught up
-Words of kindness from a former student
-Prayer instead of worry
-Letter writing
-Bible study time

-Quiet mornings to ponder His Word
-The fragrance of candles
-"Chance" meeting at the library
-School prep done
-Clean bill of health
-Having the glass company come to my door to fix my windshield
-Quiet afternoons to write


Anonymous said...

Many blessings to count. "If you are
living a grace-based life you will be gracious." I pray we live smothered in grace.
Visiting from A Holy Experience.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

Renee said...

Oh, what joy to see this little schnauzer nose blessing your page. Our 13.5 yrs old mini-schnauzer died last June and we still miss him and his little wet nose! You have so many delightful gifts to share with us. God bless your day....visiting from Ann's.

Debbie P said...

Thank you both for stopping by! Renee, I am so sorry to hear about your mini! I just love schnauzers!