How We Count to God

Friday, March 21, 2014

He counts them all.  And if He counts the mere hairs on our heads then what else is He looking at and counting?

Like a a brand new mother that counts the fingers and toes on her newborn, God counts us, too. No miniscule detail about us or our lives goes unnoticed. He notices.  He is El Roi- The God Who Sees.  The God who sees our worth and counts it.

Every sin we commit comes from a belief in some way or another that we don't possess worth. That we don't matter enough.

Pride?  Self-promotion?
Come from the belief that in order to have worth we need to take it upon ourselves to prop ourselves up.

Hurtful words to another?
What better way to make yourself feel better (at least in the moment) by putting another person down.  Not feeling good about yourself?  Then taking the other person down a notch lifts you up one.

A belief that we have to hoard it all for ourselves because surely God wouldn't take care of us. We aren't worth Him effort to provide for us.

A great cover-up for the worth you lack. Present your "better side" even if it isn't the complete truth.

Anger? Revenge?
The belief that God doesn't care what someone has done to me.  I don't matter enough for Him to take up my cause.  So vengeance becomes mine.

If we would just realize how important we are to Him.  If we would let His love wash over us, we would realize that we count to Him.  We count to Him, and it is only His opinion of us that counts. Lay aside what others think of you. Realize that even you aren't a good judge of you!  Because the One that counts the hairs of your head is the only One that knows how much you count.

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