Grace Upon Grace

Monday, March 31, 2014

There are times when it all seems wrong.  Times of pain. Times when I am sure that He is not in my favor.  Not there to back me up.  But I am wrong.  That is when counting gifts becomes paramount.  To see that He can be counted on even when life is not what we hoped for.  To count in the happy times.  To count in the sad times.  To always count His gifts.


-Spring decorations

-Isolation that brings insulation
-Laughter sprinkled in the pain
-A great Spanish lessons...students engaged
-The end of a long week
-A new story to read to my students

-Getting to say my peace
-A small kindness
-A gentle word
-Special events
-This reminder

-Movie and date night
-Precious moments with God
-A week off from teaching
-Sun and the melting of snow


Jennifer Dougan said...


Stopping over from Ann's link up to count gifts. Where do you teach?

Savoring melting snow here too,
Jennifer Dougan

Debbie P said...

Jennifer- I homeschool my boys in the morning and then give Spanish lessons in my home to homeschoolers in the afternoon. Thanks for stopping by!!!