Giving Glory for His Story

Monday, January 27, 2014

We think because we are the "protagonist" in our story that it is all about us.  But we are neither the protagonist nor the author.  God writes His story on our hearts. There are two be glory grabbers in the story or glory givers to God. Keeping a gratitude journal...a list of the gifts He has Him the glory for the story.


-A rose from my husband
-A day of being "iced in"
-Beautiful sunrises
-Women helping in the healing process for me.
-Divine appointments
-Giving to a teen
-A slow day
-Dirty dishes piled high in the sink {proof that we eat well}
-VERY warm weather
-Great conversations
-People willing to be authentic
-Extra time in my week to get things done
-Toilet paper, yes, toilet paper!
-Books to read 
-Friendships that last

-The concept of "God-incidences" from the Bible study I am currently doing

-The commitment to pray
-Going outside and it "almost" feeling like spring
-Healing tears
-That community heals
-Being right where we are supposed to be in our lives and taking one day at a time
-Watching a movie together with the family

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