Just Breathe

Monday, December 23, 2013

 This past week I was reading The Greatest Gift to the boys.  The devotional brought up the fact that the name "Yahweh" means "breath" and that when pronounced it sounds like breathing. One brother said to the other, "That makes no sense!  The word 'Yahweh' doesn't sound like breathing."  The other said, "Maybe it doesn't to you because you don't know how to breathe like a Jew. The Jews would have understood."  How true!   Do we know how to breathe?  Really breathe?  Inhale grace. Exhale praise.  Because life is made up of breaths.  Because life is the breath of God.

The best way to breathe?  Hyperventilate thanksgiving {as a friend of mine says}.  Accept His gifts and then breathe out praise.

Exhaling praise now...


-Lazy days
-Christmas almost here
-Time to breathe since all the Christmas prep is done
-That He delights in us
-Reading through the minor prophets and understanding them better
-Assurance of God's love no matter the circumstances
-Giving gifts...one of my favorite things to do

-This quote

-Making meals for a family that just had a baby
-A filled freezer
-Choosing a Word of the Year
-Laughing with college kids
-Listening to these kids get ready to go to the mission field
-Gifts in the mail
-Watching Christmas movies
-Peace in the midst of a trying situation

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