Count {Word of the Year for 2014}

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sometimes you can be afraid to make a commitment because you can see the cost coming. It is with fear and trepidation I pick a Word of the Year for 2014.  You see my word for 2013 hit me with a fury.  Redeemed. Seems like an easy enough word. But in 2013 it was anything but...

Within the first few weeks of January, God was setting into motion a painful breaking.  Breaking apart.  Breaking up.  Breaking away.  I had no idea that the word "Redeemed" would come to mean so much.  In twelve months time Christ would redeem me all over again. Sure, He had done it as a little seven year old kneeling in Sunday School class praying that prayer.  He redeeming me.  This time would be different.  God would allow painful circumstances to bring about a different type of redemption.  Now that I think about it, His first redemption cost Him His life. Redemption is painful and pricey. In the pain He brought peace and a joy I can't even begin to describe.

What has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance, states Philippians 1:19.  No truer words were spoken over my 2013.  So as I come to the end of this year and get ready to pick a new Word of the Year, I am fearful.  How will God use this word in my life? How will He shape me?  And will it involve pain? Call me a self-protectionist.  I am not that into suffering.  Come to think of it, I don't know many who are.

A few months back I wrote a post on Psalm 90. A devotional on counting.  Sound strange? But God calls us to count.  To count our blessings. To number our days to gain wisdom.  "To count griefs as graces." {Ann Voskamp} To make our lives count for something.  To count it all joy.  And the list goes the counting should.

God calls us to count, but He doesn't. He is the Ancient of Days {There is no number to His existence.} He refuses to count our sin against us {Romans 4:8}. He performs miracles that can't be counted {Job 5:9}. He gives a childless, old man descendants too numerous to count. He is too big of a God to count like we do.  We are too small not to count.

So in 2014, I will count.  I have no idea yet what all that will entail.  I know I will continue my gratitude list each Monday...over 4,000 gifts and counting. I know I will be looking for ways to make a make my life count.  Join me on my journey...

If you are interested in the concept of a Word of the Year, see this post and this website.


Susan Seaman said...

I actually thought about this word for last year but went with "season" instead. But one thing I did was to put marbles in a jar representing how many weekends were left until the next child leaves the nest. In that way, I was trying to number my days and grasp what was left of this fleeting season. This year I haven't decided yet. Our whole Sunday School class is doing this project this year, and it is bringing us much closer.

Debbie P said...

Love your idea of the marbles! Thanks for sharing!!

HisFireFly said...

this is a good word for me too, in this year where I have the word "prepare"
part of our preparation for the long term mission work ahead of is has been to "count the cost" of all that we are surrendering - but oh, the blessing of obedience is worth it all!

Mere Dreamer said...

Count the steps along the journey
Count the space outside the door
Count the moments, sweet and quiet,
when you could not want for more.

This is a good word. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie P said...

Thanks, "His FireFly" and "Mere Dreamer" for stopping by and reading! Counting the cost is a part of obedience for sure...and I am learning to count the moments, sweet and quiet.

Sandra Heska King said...

I love the many facets of this word! And while you're counting it all joy and counting the cost, remember God counts every hair on your head. :)