When the Storm Rages

Monday, November 18, 2013

This past week we had an ice and wind storm that took out our power for almost 24 hours. Storms can do that.  Take away your power.  The power to continue on in life. There is a way to overcome the storm.  Through the power of praise. To get the power back we praise Him.


-Candles to light up our house
-Doing Bible study by candlelight

-My son reintroducing me to Solitaire
-Playing solitaire by candlelight

-Going to a friend's house to get out of the cold
-Meeting her new puppy
-Taking care of children so that their mom can work
-Dancing with those children in the living room
-Those same children making me laugh with their antics and amazing me with their childlike wisdom
-A rented generator
-A space heater
-Pizza since I couldn't cook
-My son buying a car
-The news of a new baby
-Love shown
-Packing shoeboxes
-A puppy trying to steal out of the shoeboxes...

-Watching swimming
-Crumbs on the counter
-A greater appreciation for electricity and heat
-Visiting with friends
-A box arriving with Spanish books and games

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