The Storm

Friday, November 15, 2013

Storms rage.  I should know.  We went through one this past week.  Snow, sleet, wind, rain, ice.  Huge spruce trees down on power lines.  No power.  Almost twenty-four hours of no power.  Storms can do that.  Strip you of your power.  Leave you with no light.  Life at a standstill so that all can be fixed and put back together again.

Storms rage.  I should know.  This past year has been a storm.  The whole year. Ugly words, condemnation, broken hearts. No power.  Almost eleven months of no power.  Storms can do that to a life.  My life.  Stripped on its power. Left with little light to go on.  Life hanging in the balance.  Limbo. Time.  So that all can heal and be put back together again.

How do you deal when there is no power?  You light a candle and wait.  You sit by the light until all is fixed. You play Solitaire or sit around with your kids and talk.  But always by the light.  You pass the time in the Light.  God is teaching me that when a storm rages you head towards the light.  Sometimes when the ugly words show up on your doorstep, you need not answer.  You need new words.  Safe ones to enter your heart.

"The unfolding of your words gives light..."  Psalm 119:130a

Sometimes a heart darkened, with no power, needs to sit by the Light for awhile.  Until all is put back together again.

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