The "Don'ts" of Freezer Cooking {Humor in the kitchen}

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have had to learn the hard way on what works in freezer's a few pieces of advice.  Go ahead and chuckle at my expense, because I have done everyone of these!  Ha!

If you prefer mystery meals (you know the ones...try as you might you can't decipher or remember what you put in that container a month ago.  Might be chicken. But then again...), then don't label your meals!  This makes life more exciting!  Like my co-worker years ago who put an unmarked block of parmesan in her freezer and then later grated onto her lasagna.  Her only problem?  It was a block of white chocolate! LOL  Sad to say, but I have similar stories.

If you love the thought of icy crystals encompassing your evening meal, then by all means don't wrap your food well. Freezer burn can be a thing of beauty, right?  One trick I have plastic wrap over your casserole meals and let the plastic touch the food to block all air.  Then wrap the casserole in foil. Also, make sure you push out all the air in your Ziploc gallon bags that hold meals.

If you love wasting money, then don't keep track of what you have in your freezer.  Let it sit in there until it is beyond hope!  Use it or lose it!  I use an app to log my meals, but the non-tech version with paper and pencil works just as well.

If you want to eat  gross meals for awhile, then don't test out a recipe to see if your family likes it before tripling it and putting the meals in the freezer.  We have eaten many a terrible meal in this house because I got the hair-brained idea to quadruple the yuckiest meal known to man.  Sure, it looked good on paper, but reality was something else.

If your family LOVES a grumpy mommy, who yells after a long day straight of freezer cooking, then don't break up your cooking sessions into small time frames. Cook all day so that by the time you're done you can't live with yourself and neither can your family!!  While one long day of cooking sounds good because you get it over with, I found that for myself it just wasn't worth it.  It was better to break it up instead of having my family enduring my tiredness!!!

Above all, figure out what works for you and your family.  Freezer cooking should be a help and not a hindrance!


Janet Martin said...

I'm so enjoying your 30 days of freezer cooking! The recipes, bits of advice learned through experience and your humorous tid-bits etc:)

Paula said...

I have learned a lot. But mostly thank you for these tips today. I was all ready to do a big freezer cook this Sunday with recipes that I have not tested on my family. You just saved me I am sure....

Debbie P said...

Good luck, Paula! Hope it goes well on Sunday!

Janet, glad you enjoyed the series!!