Finding Freezer Meal Recipes

Friday, October 4, 2013

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 So, how do you go about finding recipes for freezer meals that work?  First of all, go through the list of what your family eats.  I bet a big portion of those meals can be frozen.  Here are some ideas:
Tacos (make the meat ahead of time and freeze)
Meatloaf (freeze uncooked)
Meatballs (with spaghetti sauce or another sauce your family enjoys)
Pizza (make the dough and freeze the dough balls for later)
Another way is to look on Pinterest.  I have three boards on Pinterest that help me organize my meal ideas.  I keep one board for a general for recipes, one for our favorite meals, and one called "Meals This Month" so I can keep track of what I am cooking in a particular month.  The general recipe board has about everything whereas the other two board help me narrow down the recipes. Pinterest is an awesome way to collect recipes from various sites.

Another way to find recipes is through cookbooks.  There are a lot of cookbooks out there, but there is one that is about freezer cooking that I absolutely LOVE! Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook is about the only freezer cookbook I use these days.  Jessica's recipes are great and her ideas for how to go about freezer meals are helpful.

And of course, keep reading my blog for the month of October as I will be sharing the recipes that have worked for us.  On October 6th, I will post our top ten freezer meals, but then throughout the month I will share other recipes that have worked for us.

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