Changing Your Mind

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gratitude changes a mind.  What seems like a lack turns into an overflow when we thank God for what He has given.  He may strip us down to seemingly nothing, but if we focus on what He has provided we will see the redemption in His plan. He gives graciously all that we need and then some.  Can we see it? Are we looking for it? 


-A few quiet moments at home
-Beautiful Alaskan scenery
-Knowing that He loves and pursues me
-An amazing year of Spanish students (just can't get over how well it is going.)
-Playing a game with my Spanish students

-Cool weather with hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate)
-A cell phone for my son
-An unexpected visit
-The hum of the lights
-Meals I didn't have to make
-Such compassion and lack of judgment from another
-Sun streaming through the window
-Big puffy clouds
-Getting so much out of my study, Experiencing God
-Thai food
-Prayer time with another mom over our kids
-Safe return home of my son after an evening out
-Dishes piled high (means we have more than enough to eat)
-Getting my prep done for another week
-Realizing that God sees and understands that we have been stripped down
-A shot of peace sent my way
-Falling snow

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Jennifer said...

I am finding when I don't actively list things, life seems more difficult!

Jennifer said...

I need to remember to make my thankful more often. It sure does help

Patsy Paterno said...

Like your list, especially the one about God loving and pursuing you! Blessings,
Patsy from