A New Start

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In a few short days we start school again.  I love this time of year!  My boys may not be as excited though!  I am even more excited this year because I have really decluttered the house and gotten our supplies ready better than I ever have before.  My motivation comes from the fact that I have a heavier work load (I teach Spanish lessons in the afternoon after homeschooling the boys).  I wanted to make sure that all was ready to go not only for them, but also for my Spanish classes.

I cleaned out one of the shelves on our computer desk.  This was a BIG event for me!!!  That shelf had been home to all of our Five in a Row curriculum and books.  I couldn't bear to put them in storage even though we haven't used Five in a Row in a long time. Those books bring back so many memories. Call me sentimental!  But I finally did it and so glad that I did.  The shelf now has my school supplies, my planning calender, and some other miscellaneous items (stapler and hole punch).

I also have the boys' textbooks all ready to go.  My oldest's books on the left and the younger's on the right.  I have never been this organized!!!

Here is our plan for the year and the curriculum we will be using:

11th Grader

British Literature

Consumer Math using Math-U-See's Stewardship Math {I love that there is a devotional with this and that the focus is teaching the student how to deal with money appropriately.}

Chemistry {An outside class that he will be taking}

Economics and American Government using Notgrass

Health {Just using a basic textbook here by Prentice Hall}

Spanish III {Classes by me that he will be taking with another homeschooler.  This is what we will use to read REAL Spanish literature.}

Service Learning {He has already finished this by serving at a local camp all summer.}

7th Grader

Language Arts {IEW's Economics-Based Writing lessons, Spelling Power, Daily Grams, and various chapter books for reading}

Pre-Algebra {using Math-u-See and Hands-on Equations}

General Science {using Apologia}

Economics and Government {using Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? with the study guide and
Painless American Government }

Spanish {lessons by me}


We will do Bible together which will consist of memorizing verses, adding to our gratitude journals, and Bible reading (we are going to start with Psalms).

So are you ready to start school?  What's on your agenda?

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