Knowing that He Loves Me

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gratitude changes the attitude.  This past year I wouldn't have survived without sitting down and listing on a weekly basis how God has blessed me.  Without my list how quickly I forget that He loves me when the world swirls around me.  Writing the list reminds me of His love...


-Gifts of  "gold" given
-Tomatoes from the garden
-Noah participating in the Red Green Regatta

-The financial provision of God.  (I just can't get over it.  He is amazing!)
-Another baby robin in our backyard.  It was very "talkative" with us.
-Watching the parents feed the baby

-Picking raspberries

-Listening to the music from the ice cream truck driving around our neighborhood (It's playing Christmas music! LOL)
-Temperatures in the 70's
-Cool breezes
-Spanish lessons going well this week
-Getting planning done for the new school year ahead
-Music to soothe my soul
-Scriptures to do the same
-Learning what patience means through my Bible study
-Knowing that all that matters is God's opinion of me
-An easy week in my Psychology course...had to write a paper on forgiveness.  Not an easy topic, but one that I have pondered a bit
-Titan finally done taking his medication
-Watching a toddler play with Titan
-Moments with my oldest
-Watching my boys mature
-A ceiling fan to move the warm air around
-A campfire with friends
-Coffee in the morning (really needed it this week)
-Making raspberry jam
-Spending the morning with friends
-A prayer plan
-The ping of jam jars as they seal
-A new sink in the bathroom
-A late dinner
-Being so blessed that I can't count all the ways

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Nicole Gepson said...

I love raspberries and those look delicious!! I'm stopping in from Ann's and love your list.

Debbie said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by! :-)

Rhonda said...

Sweet counting of gifts Debbie. I loved the ice cream truck playing Christmas music! I too found you via Ann's link up. How nice to meet you!

Rhonda Quaney |