Prayer Warrior Mom by Marla Alupoaicei

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

 I have read a lot of books on prayer.  I have even read a few on moms praying for their kids. I recently had an opportunity to read Prayer Warrior Mom which is more than a book about praying for your kids.  Marla Alupoaicei does talk about praying for your kids, but she also gives lots of helpful advice in parenting. I loved her suggestion on figuring out what your child's name means and then praying accordingly.  She recommends a book called The Name Book by Dorothy Astoria which provides meanings of names and a relevant 
Scripture that you can pray for a child with that name. Marla also discusses when it is necessary to get help (like if you are struggling with depression), how to hold your kids loosely and entrust them to God, and how to model grace and forgiveness to them. At the end of each chapter there is a prayer, a list of scriptures that apply to the chapter's topic and discussion questions.  I enjoyed reading her book because even though it was on praying for your kids it was broader in scope.

Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it.  I am not required to give a positive review.  All my opinions are my own.

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