Unglued {Part One}

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Every woman needs to read this book!!!

Ok, there, I said it.  Will probably not make a statement like that again for a long time!  But seriously, as women we struggle with dealing with our raw emotions.  Women can be tough because we are a swirl of of feelings that go up and down We are our own worst enemies. We let our feelings rule when really they should only be indicators of what is going on inside.

Lysa's TerKeurst's book, Unglued, discusses how as women we can become unglued and "lose it".  There are four categories of behavior that we use when our emotions run raw. We can be...

Exploders who shame themselves
Exploders who blame others
Stuffers who build barriers
Stuffers who collect retaliation rocks

I bet you know each of these types of behavior.  I bet you have done them.  I know I have.  The key to keeping our emotions in check is to align our thoughts to God's.  Lysa covers how to do that in various ways.  I love her practical advice.
I also love her perspective...here is her take on conflict.

"In God's economy, people don't stand on opposing sides of the conflict scale.  People stand on one side and Satan stands on the other. When we dump hurt into one another's lives we aren't leveling the conflict scale. We are just weighing down the people side of the scale and elevating the Satan side of the scale. Satan loves it when we do his work for him by dumping on each other."

We need to remember that we do not war against flesh and blood, but against Satan himself.

Lysa provides a "procedure manual" on what to do when our emotions go raw and we find ourselves in the midst of ugliness and conflict. She uses II Chronicles 20 as a guide. But you will have to read it to find out.  Like I said, "Every woman needs to read this book!"

Tomorrow I will post a bit more about what Lysa calls our "underbellies".

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