Dropping Your Rock and the Invisible Woman

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We drop our rocks, and they fall to the ground with a flat thud of grace. {Nicole Johnson}

I recently read a short book, Dropping Your Rock, by Nicole Johnson.  Based on the passage in John 8 where a woman caught in sin is brought before Jesus.  Have you ever wanted to throw a rock?  Cast the first stone for the person you feel has done wrong? Problem is you have sin just like him (or her).  As Nicole Johnson says, "Problem is, rocks don't hit sin; rocks hit people."  Dropping Your Rock is a short, but powerful book on letting go of judgment and being rest assured that when we stand in the middle of that circle of those ready with their rocks, Jesus stands between us and our judges.

Nicole Johnson's website, Fresh Brewed Life, has more information on Nicole, her books and DVD's. I have really been enjoying watching her on YouTube and reading what she has written.  Here is just a taste of what she does...

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