He Keeps on Giving

Monday, February 4, 2013

Still counting the gifts God gives...


-Celebrating Zach's birthday with pie!

-Grace shown to me by friends
-Meals shared
-Daily phone calls
-Staying connected
-A Sunday afternoon nap
-Cute quips from kids
-Puppy under a blanket
-A sleepy morning
-Stocking up on super cheap toothpaste
-A great Tuesday of lessons
-Beautiful, blue ceramic bird
-Two new pots of aloe vera plants
-A husband who helps make a meal
-Helping my son with algebra
-The healing God gives
-Reviewing history with the boys
-A new month
-A newly decorated door
-Our metro
-The jingle of Titan's collar
-God's provision
-Gleaning truths from Philippians
-Humor in class
-A son showing determination
-Getting paperwork done

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