Give Thanks

Monday, November 5, 2012

Continuing to give thanks for all His blessings.


-Fun Fall Festival
-Giving candy to my students
-Working on my Scripture journal
-A busy week
-Making cookies (something I hardly ever do anymore)
-Connecting with others
-Volunteering to bring a meal to a family
-Getting through a busy week
-Receiving my grade for my college class
-Running water
-Seeing all the precious children in their costumes show up at our church
-Thanksgiving here soon!
-Mechanical pencils
-Learning about the storms of life
-A computer and a printer
-Interacting with the youth of our church
-Great Harvest Bread with dinner
-Chocolate Raspberry flavored coffee
-Getting all the bedding in the house washed
-Making four pans of enchiladas
-Lunch with one of our youth
-Lock in for one of my sons
-Glow-in-the-Dark party for the other son

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