Pantry Challenge Update-Week 2

Monday, January 16, 2012

So we are in our second week of trying to eat mainly from the pantry.  Before January started, I made several mixes to make life easier and to motivate me to use up the items sitting on my pantry shelves. I love the cookbook, Make-A-Mix, for recipes for muffin mixes and the like. So at the beginning of the month I had muffin mixes, cornbread mix, and snack cake mixes on the shelves.  This has been a life saver because I can now quickly mix up some muffins and throw in some extra goodies into the batter to make different types of blueberry or cranberry/coconut.

So far I have spent about $200 this month on food.  That is a tiny amount for two weeks for us.  We live in Alaska and so food costs are more than the rest of the nation.  What makes this impressive though is that a big portion of that $200 was supplies for my youngest birthday party and a few food storage items (found a great clearance price on oil this week!).  I am thinking that maybe only $100 was spent on just regular food items.

So why the TV in the middle of my pantry challenge post????

This pantry challenge has helped so much because our TV broke a few days ago.  So because we aren't spending that much on food these days it was easier to go out and get a new flat screen TV! I am so hooked on eating from the pantry!  I know it can't be done all the have to buy food sometime, right? But doing it once or twice a year is going to be a great help!

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