I Give Thanks...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Joy is always a function of gratitude-- and gratitude is always a function of perspective. If we are going to change our lives, what we're going to have to change is the way we see. --Ann Voskamp


-Giving birthday gifts
-Feeling loved
-That He gives greater grace
-Noah...a gift that might never have been
-Wrapping paper
-A warm car
-A new flat screen TV
-Jelly beans
-Supportive friends
-Working on scrapbooks
-Cell phone...so that my boys can reach me at any time
-Free curriculum
-Free books
-Inside jokes
-A invite to dinner
-Holding a baby
-Calls from friends
-The start of  a new semester
-Being refreshed after a long Christmas break
-My Spanish lessons
-Reaching 2,000 things that I am thankful for!

1 comment:

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Congratulations on reaching 2000 gifts! That is wonderful Debbie! Feeling loved... what a gift that is. Yay for free books! Motivation... love it! :)