January Blessings

Monday, January 9, 2012


-An upcoming birthday for Noah
-Learning to abide in His love
-Learning the game of golf (card game)
-Hot baths
-That God takes care of all things
-Cozy Hugs Puppy: Microwavable Aromatherapy Lavender Scent Animal Warmer (These are so great when the weather is cold!)
-Humor with friends
-A chance for my son to learn how to serve in the church
-God's acceptance of us
-Almost done memorizing James chapters 1-3
-Whipping cream in my coffee
-Watching Zach teach Titan new tricks
-Cold weather...hard to be thankful for it, but I am going to try.  This was the temperature at our house on New Year's Day.
-The hum of the fridge
-That God walks with us in our sorrows
-Understanding friends

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