Grace and Forgiveness

Friday, October 21, 2011

My "Word of the Year" is grace for 2011. Grace and forgiveness are one in the same. Grace is undeserved favor, and when you forgive that is what you are giving: favor to someone who doesn't deserve it.

Recently, my youngest son was in Children's Church and the topic was grace.  I guess he took the lesson to heart, because a few weeks after it we had this dinner conversation...

Tim (my husband): Where did you get that Chex Mix?
Noah (my son): From mom.
Tim: What did you do to earn it?
Noah: Nothing....(long pause)....It's called GRACE!

Indeed, he had figured it out! He did nothing to deserve the Chex Mix.  Rather, I had "graced" him with them. This is what we do for one another when we forgive or overlook an offense. We give the offender something they don't deserve whether it be a smile, a kind word, a prayer of blessing.  Or it could simply be that we don't seek revenge.  That is grace, too.

Where can you show grace {forgiveness}?

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