Depression Era Cooking

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Have you heard of Clara on YouTube? She is a 96 year old grandma that has done a bunch of videos on Depression era cooking. I just read about her today at Blue Chateau Interiors in a 31 Days series called "Hoarding your Money".  I have watched a couple of her videos. She is so endearing! She teaches you how to cook from scratch while explaining what they used to do during the Depression to survive. She also has a cookbook,Clara's Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories, and Recipes from the Great Depression I went to the library today to pick up her book.  It is a great little cookbook.  The recipes are simple with not a lot of ingredients.  Looking through it there are some recipes that I know I wouldn't try because our family's tastes, but there are tons of recipes to use up items and to create simple, cheap meals.  I am going to be perusing her cookbook more and watching some more videos soon to glean from Clara's ideas.

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