More than a Multitude

Monday, June 13, 2011

{1, 501-1,530}

More garden plants than I know what to do with

Getting my Spanish lesson plans done

A clean kitchen

Rainy days

Jobs for Zach

Photos...a way to remember

Weather forecasts so I can plan my days

Prayers from friends

Christ in us, the Hope of glory

New books on the way

The jobs I don't want to do

Clean and decluttered bathrooms and kitchen

New portraits on the wall of the family

Titan's antics that make us laugh


Learning to be unflappable in hard circumstances

That this world is not our home

Red tomatoes on the vine

Cucumbers on the cute when they are little!

Carrots popping up


Two wonderful sons that are maturing by leaps and bounds

Boxes in the mail

Clean smelling soap

Acceptance in my heart for the hard things in life

A new coat of paint in the boys' room

Flowers on the deck

Birds chirping in the back yard

Finishing a great book, The Waiting Place: Learning to Appreciate Life's Little Delays

That God is in control of it all

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