Birthday Cake Round-Up

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today at Life as Mom we are sharing our birthday cake ideas.  We have had a ton of cool cakes through the years.  I normally look for ideas, but it is Tim that does a lot of the decorating!  Here is a trip down memory lane birthday cake style!  (I apologize for some of the small photos!)

{Pirate ship--the candles were sticking out the sides where the canons should be!}

{Elephant cake--Noah had a fetish for pachyderms for awhile!}

{Tim working on the Millenium Falcon}

{Snake cake}

{Noah's football cake...he's a Bengals fan. Can you tell?}

{Zach's car cake}


{Tim decorating the monkey cake---see, I told you he does all the decorating!}

{Alligator or crocodile?}

This is the site that we got a lot of our ideas from.


Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Thanks for sharing your walk down memory lane! My favorite was the pirate one. I'll have to try that this fall for my 2 boys who have birthdays in the fall.

Birthday Flowers said...

These all look amazing! I would love to see tutorials for them.