Scripture Memorization to Music

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorizing scripture is so incredibly important! However, when you get old like me (ok, maybe not old, but middle aged) the brain starts to get muddled and it is hard to retain anything! I have been trying to find different ways over this past year to memorize more of God's Word.  So I was excited when a dear friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that she had found a plethora of Bible verses on Amazon set to music!

I have started slow...promising myself that I would only buy one set of verses (one song) at a time.  I have to memorize the current verses before buying more and moving on.  I play the song on my computer and have a sticky note with the words so that I can see and hear the verses at the same time.  I have started with a couple of verses from Isaiah (53:4-5) on healing.  I thought that these verses would be appropriate as I have sent the past several years healing from some very emotional situations in my life. But really there are so many verses on so many topics that you will probably never run out of songs to help you memorize!

Amazon now has something called the "cloud player" where you can load all your MP3 purchases from them and listen to them. So I have just been using that to listen.  Eventually, I will transfer the songs to my Ipod.  Go check out these awesome resources!

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