Fire Starters {Yes, Dryer Lint is Valuable!}

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Each summer when we go camping, the boys always enjoy the thought of a fire and roasting marshmallows. One day Tim came home from work with a brilliant idea from a co-worker (those in radio broadcasting are always filled with those types of ideas! LOL)  Ever since then we have made fire starters for our campfires.

The materials are simple and probably all "free" from your household.  You need...

*Egg cartons (the pressed cardboard kind...NOT styrofoam)
*Dry Lint (yes, this stuff has a use!)
*Wax (from candles or I use the wax from the Scentsy warmers that I use in my house...when the scent goes away the wax has a firestarter destiny.)
Fill each "egg space" with dryer lint.  This is the icky part of the job.

Melt your wax and pour into each cup.

Let the wax harden and cut the cups apart.  These work really well...better than kindling or paper to get a fire going.

Now I think I am in the mood for a breakfast of eggs by candlelight and then on to a day of laundry!


Zoo Mommy said...

Thanks Debbie! I love this- not only because we always have dryer lint but because we have a fire pit in the backyard that gets a lot of use in the summer!

Beth said...

Genius! Thank you!