And the List Goes on....

Monday, February 7, 2011

We can never over thank God!

*A puppy snuggling in bed with me

*Calendars...that keep my days straight

*Getting a lot of Sunday school lesson prep done

*That God blesses me beyond what I deserve

*The chance to bless others

*Starting a "Daily Docket" to keep myself organized.

*Recovery from a cold

*Warm weather

*A clean sink

*Getting my order from Azure Standard...I love their stuff!

*Making homemade marshmallows with the boys

*A phone conversation with a friend

*Homemade mac and cheese from the crockpot.  So yummy!

*Being able to show grace and love to a student

*Photos that bring back memories

*That God's Word is alive and active

*Enjoying classics like The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics)

*That God draws people unto Himself (watching this happen at church)

*My group that I am mentoring for the Bible in 90 days.  They are such a blessing to me!


Beth said...

And we are blessed to have you as our mentor!

And I completely agree about the puppy snuggles. :)

Debbie said...

Thanks, Beth!