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Monday, October 25, 2010

holy experience

Getting so close to a thousand!  It has taken me a little over a year, but I am almost there!!!!!  I am thinking by next week I will have made it!

951. A playful pup!
952. Time to plan for Zach's high school years.
953. Peace in the midst of a storm.
954. The slow change of my heart towards faith instead of fear.
955. Lunch with a friend on a Friday...what a way to start the weekend.
956. Getting a ton of school done last week with the boys.
957. Watching Zach create his own fall festival costume.
958. Time in the evening alone to work on what needs to get done.
959. Sleepiness...such a blessing to be able to sleep after dealing with a bout of insomnia.
960. The Truth Project that I get to participate in with our church.
961. Finding freedom in Christ...slowly, but surely.
962. Finding peace in the midst of fears.
963. Doing my Bible study and learning that fears sometimes give birth to faith.
964. My worn and torn Bible...lots of memories in there.
965. A Friday night with the boys' at friends' houses...Tim and I had a date night!
966. Titan greeting us with joy each morning.
967. A letter from my great aunt.
968. Mocha Frappes from McDonalds
969. Lotion bars for my dry hands.
970. The grief group that I am getting so much out of.
971. A pink sunset
972. Teaching a craft class
973. Time to work on Christmas cards

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