God is Gracious

Monday, October 4, 2010

holy experience
God is more gracious than we could ever imagine!  Working my way to a thousand things to be thankful for...
889. Dinner with friends.
890. Receiving a new book.
891. Being able to figure out what is best for Zach and his math this year.
892. A clean kitchen
893. The resolution of a stressful situation.
894. Great lasagna.
895. A washer and dryer that work.
896. A cuddly dog
897. Friday nights
898. Apple Chip Cake
899. Themes in the Bible...I am currently being blessed by the theme that God see all.
900. Fall afternoons
901. The resources to help others in need.
902. Having Friday's schedule work out perfectly.
903. A dishwasher!
904. New recipes that are yummy
905. Unseasonably warm weather for October
906. Titan's healing...he came down with pancreatitis...he is doing much better.  We were worried about him.
907. A new week of school
908. Relief from a headache
909. Peace that passes understanding

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