Weekly Wrap-up: In Which We Grew a Pumpkin or Two and Helped out a Movie Star!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ok, so maybe I didn't grow a pumpkin in a week, but this week I got to harvest the fruits of my labor!  So cool, never thought I would be able to grow pumpkins since they don't do extremely well in central Alaska.  We had a warm summer which I believe contributed to my success.
Onto life beyond pumpkins...this week was the first week of what I would call "smooth school"!  We are finally into the schedule and things are running well.

I acutally made a science game for Noah and I to play this week!  That is saying a lot considering I have very little time for stuff like that.  We have been studying botany using Apologia.  Our unit for the past two weeks has been "fruits".  So this week we played a board game about the different categories of fruits.  Did you know that strawberries aren't berries????  Forget the boys...I am learning something new every day!  Next week we will use one of the pumpkins we grew to do a science experiment.

This week I also broke down and bought the Key to Fractions series for Zach to review his fractions.  For some reason he has really struggled with them even though he is currently doing Algebra I.  We went through Life of Fred: Fractions, which we love, but he still is struggling.  Not sure what it is going to take to get him to the point of understanding.  Any ideas?

The big news around here has nothing to do with homeschooling, but with being in the movies!  My husband, Tim, has landed a small (emphasis on small) part in an upcoming Drew Barrymore movie, Everybody Loves Whales!  He goes down to Anchorage tomorrow to get ready to film.  So last night I had to help my soon-to-be movie star husband find photos of himself that they will be using in the movie.  He is going to play the part of a father (I am confident that he can handle that!) and they wanted photos of him that they can hang up in "his house" in the movie.  This is all surreal if you ask me!  Never thought I would see my husband on the big screen!  Of course, we have to see if his part makes the cut...there is always the chance that they will cut him out after they film him.  Regardless, it is exciting for us to get a glimpse into movie-making!


Julie said...

Beautiful pumpkins and congrats on the exciting news! I like Drew Barrymore films, can't wait to "see" him.

wdworkman said...

The pumpkins look great! You'll have to let everyone know when the movie's done.

Janet W

melissa said...

Very cool on both counts, those pumpkins are perfect looking!

Ellen said...

I agree -- the pumpkins are gorgeous! Sorry I have no advice on the fractions; I was going to recommend LoF, but then I saw you'd already done that one.

Tell your DH to start practicing his Oscar acceptance speech. It's good to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new blog-look!! It's beautiful...I love the colors and the header and everything!! :)