A Gratitude Attitude

Monday, September 27, 2010

holy experience
871. Time to do some serious crafting.
872. A friend's birthday today.
873. Dinner with a friend.
874. An easy week of lessons.
875. A clean puppy after a bath.
876. Fourteen meals in the freezer.
877. A clean kitchen
878. Books to read
879. Homeschooling moms to help me figure out the high school years.
880. Movie nights
881. Clean clothes that are put away
882. Fall foods like pumpkin pie
883. A sense of peace
884. Candles burning
885. The hum of the fridge...it is rather soothing...weird I know, but true.
886. A week of school and work finished...such a sense of satisfaction
887. The ability to place holds from my computer for library books and then pick them up.  Such convenience!
888. Renewed relationships


Ellen said...

I especially like #885, because if I don't hear it, I know something major is wrong!

Edwena said...

Enjoyed reading your list, Debbie.