Why I am Thankful...

Monday, August 23, 2010

holy experience
785. Finishing the Old Testament as I attempt to read the Bible in 90 Days.
786. Finding peace.
787. Being ready to start the school year.
788. Ready for Spanish lessons.
789. Answer to prayer.
790. Warm weather in August (we hit the 90's...unheard of in Central Alaska at this time of year).
791. Running water.
792. WIFI
793. Being able to set up my new laptop.
794. A fresh breeze flowing through the window.
795. BLT's with lettuce and tomato from our garden.
796. That God brings healing when there are hurts.
797. Chocolate Butterhorns!
798. A downpour...love the rain!
799. The smell of soap.
800. Arctic Aroma Melts from Mineral Creek Essentials
801. Dinner at a friend's house.
802. Yummy lasagna
803. Peace in the midst of anxious situations
804. Tomatoes galore off the vine...so much tastier than the ones in the store!
805. Sunny, cool days...autumn approaching.

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