Thursday, July 1, 2010

Patriotism. In what ways are you growing a love for country during your homeschool lessons?

Today at the Homeschool Village we are discussing patriotism.  We have used many methods and books to instill a love of country in our kids through the years.

Five in a Row Holiday: through the seasons by Jane Claire Lambert & Becky Jane Lambert

We have used this resource for years.  It used to be available in book format, but now it is digital. It addresses several patriotic holidays and gives tons of resources for each one (book suggestions, recipes, activities).

We have also spent two years doing American history with our kids. Some of the best memories are of read alouds that we have enjoyed that focus on early American history.  Here are a few that we have loved...

Since we live in Alaska, the boys haven't had an opportunity to see the East Coast and all the historic places that are there to visit. But we have taken them to patriotic places when we can.  I am originally from the Black Hills area of South of course we have visited...
Mt. Rushmore

(Photo taken by my dad)

Another memorable acitivity that we have done is that when we studied American history I was able to relate some of our relatives to those significant events in our history.  This gave the boys a way to connect our family with our country's history.  Take a look at the list we came up with of ancestors that played a part in history. Our relatives even helped carve Mt. Rushmore!  My great aunt remembers going there to watch her uncles carve one of the presidents' noses!  Family connections like those have helped my boys have a love for their country!


Heidi said...

That is an amazing picture of Mount Rushmore! Wow! That is so cool that you've traced the historical roots of your family. Such a great learning experience for your kids!

Have you seen National Treasure 2? The Mount Rushmore picture reminded me of it. We love the National Treasure movies!

Layton Family Joy said...

GREAT IDEA tracing your family's history! I'll have to look into that! What fun - and Mt. Rushmore - wow!!

The Homeschool Village

Patty Thompson said...

While my husband was in the Navy we moved an awful lot and we stopped by every national monument that we passed including Mt. Rushmore. It was such an amazing experience for us and the kids. We've also been to DC and that really helped them see where our officials are and all the wonderful monuments that mean so much to our countries history.

Love the resources thanks for sharing!! :)

Jessica S. said...

Geneology is so cool!! How awesome to know that your ancestors/family had part in America's History!! That is so cool!! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the resources. That's exactly what I was looking for on HS Village today!

That is so neat that you've found ancestors involved in pivotal moments/events in our country's history.

Happy Independence Day!