A Moose Multitude Monday

Monday, July 19, 2010

holy experience

Gratitude has changed my life...focusing on the positive has helped me avoid those negative thought patterns.  Here are more things that I am thankful for...

725. Getting to watch a momma moose and her son at a pond...
726.  Camping
727.  Keeping up with reading the Bible in 90 Days.
728.  Raspberries!
729.  Dog sitting...which allows Titan to have a playmate for awhile.
730.  This picture...Titan pondering at the pond....such a peaceful picture.

731. New deck furniture.
732. Great visit with my in-laws.
733. Finding out that Noah isn't allergic to bees.
734. Being able to teach the youth at our church.
735. Pumpkins in our garden!

1 comment:

Laura O said...

What great looking pumpkins! The boys wanted to grow some here, but we got started too late with our garden this year. And, we're not sure how well some things will grow on our acre on the mountainside.