A Hectic Life

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life has been so crazy these past few weeks! Normally every week I am ahead on blog posts have them written and I just schedule them to publish.  Not so this week!  Here is a PARTIAL list of what has been going on...

*Said good-bye to grandma and grandpa
*We are currently dog sitting a retriever/lab mix.  She is such a doll!
*We have had our friends' children over here for about 6 days while they went down to a memorial service in California. So we are a family of six!
*We have been out blueberry picking about four times and have about 35 cups of blueberries!  This is the most we have ever picked.
*We picked four lbs of raspberries last night.
*Noah has been in swim lessons almost every day this summer.  His strokes are really improving! If I had to be honest he is a better swimmer than I!
*Noah's swim lessons has allowed me about an hour of reading time each day.  I have been using the time to try to read the Bible in 90 Days.  So far I am ahead of schedule.  I just started Nehemiah.
*I am working on getting the boys school schedules set for the year.
*I am trying to set up my Spanish lesson schedule also. (I teach private and small group lessons in the afternoons after I homeschool the boys.)
*I need to start making jam...going to start that process this week.  I think I am going to make...
  triple berry (strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry), blueberry, cranberry and banana, and raspberry jams this year.


billy said...

Wow..you have been busy! It all sounds like so much fun though. I love planning the school year.

Cherish said...

Banana jam, I'm intrigued. Is it just sweetened banana puree? Or do you add spices or flavoring?

Debbie said...

Actually, it is cranberry/banana jam. You just add mashed bananas when you make the cranberry jam.