Giving Thanks for the Craziness!

Monday, July 26, 2010

holy experience

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736. One extra dog, two extra kids, and a lot of craziness in the house!
737. The opportunity to teach the youth girls at my church how to do altered clipboards.
738. Nachos!
739. Receiving all the boys' curriculum for the year.
740. A friend helping me out in a jam last week.
741. Rain...even when I don't want it.
742. Fruit...we have been eating tons of it lately!
743. Laughter from the kids.
744. God giving me the ability to be faithful in my reading the Bible in 90 Days.
745. Finding homeschool curriculum at a discount.
746. Flowers on my front step.
747. That one of my Jr. High Sunday school students gave his life to the Lord this weekend!!!!!!!!!!  I am praying that he will follow God with his whole heart!
748. A plethora of blueberries...the most I have ever picked.

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