Beautiful Blogger Award

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last week Heidi over at Chatter, Clatter and Things that Matter gave me a Beautiful Blogger Award!  Thanks, Heidi!

As a recipient of the Beautiful Blogger award, one must:

1) Add a link and note of thanks to the person giving the award
2) Pass the award on to the bloggers whose blogs you love (15 tops)
3) Share 7 things about yourself

Seven Things about Myself
1. I live in Alaska.
2. I am originally from New Underwood, South Dakota....find that on the map!
3. I love gardening, reading, scrapbooking and stamping.
4. I am a former high school Spanish teacher who now gives private lessons in her home.
5. I love dark chocolate and hate red meat!
6. I love being the mom of two boys that are complete opposites.
7. I am tall and shrinking!  I used to be close to 5'10", but I am now 5'9"...the wonders of getting older! (I will be forty this year!)

Blogs I Love

Candace at His Mercy is New  I would have to say that even though Candace is younger than me she has been a mentor and guide for me over the years.  She was my TOS Crew leader and now is my mentor for the Bible in 90 Days.  She has helped me with my blog more times than I can count.  Like me, she has struggled with depression.  She has such a heart for God!  I love visiting her blog for inspiration!

Michele at My Blessings from Above  I love Michele's blog!  She loves to cook and is on a mission to be frugal.  I am the same way and love to find out tips from reading what she has to say.  She is the one that encouraged me to get into Swagbucks...I am so thankful that she did!  Now I can order from Amazon with less guilt!

Cheryl at Adventures of a Somewhat Crunchy Mama  I recently found Cheryl's blog...I love her wit and humor and tips! I loved her series...Somewhat Crunchy You.

Kendra at The Pumpkin Patch  Kendra has awesome ideas...for homeschooling and cooking.  Her home looks so fun!  Look at these great posts....Independence Day and Zebra Cake!


Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks, Debbie! You are a sweet friend to me...we have so much in common and I value your opinion on many things. I appreciate the award, you are too kind. :)

Kathleen said...

Congratulations Debbie! This is a well deserved award, and I look forward to digging into some of these other blogs that you recommend.