Working my Way to One Thousand...

Monday, June 28, 2010

holy experience
Showing gratitude has changed my life!  Each week I participate in Multitude Monday where I list what I am thankful for.  I am working my my to one thousand gifts!

651. The smell of oranges.
652. A hot, sunny deck.
653. Plenty of food for the table.
654. Hot weather.
655. Tons of tomatoes on the vine.
656. Camp for the boys.
657. A positive answer on a prayer request.
658. The promise that God is with us at all times.
659. Lemonade.
660. The ability to stand my ground.
661. Blogs that encourage me.
662. Homeschooling magazines.
663. Flowers that are about to bloom and will look like this...
664. That Noah had an awesome time at camp.
665. That God protected our house even though I let candles burn ALL night long.
666. Rainy, restful days.
667. Friends that fill in the gaps for us when we need them.
668. Courage to do hard things.
669. A great Sunday School class.
700. That God blesses us through the hard times.

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