A Multitude of Blessings...

Monday, June 7, 2010

holy experience
Last October I joined "Multitude Mondays" and started working on my list of things to be thankful for.  Each Monday I add to the list and am hoping to make it to a thousand!  Visit Ann at Holy Experience for more information.
601. Ice cream sundaes
602. A rose from Tim that opened up beautifully and lasted a long time
603. Reading an awesome story that centers on forgiveness to the boys, Shadow Spinner.
604. Starting our study of Shakespeare
605. Camping
606. Tons of flowers on my strawberry plants.
607. Pineapple salsa
608. Swim lessons for the boys
609. Having one of my jr. high students come to help me clean.  It is such a blessing to have help!
610. Cool breezes on a hot summer day
611. Recovery from a cold
612. Great books to read
613. Time to work on projects that have been ignored all winter
614. One tired puppy after a weekend of camping

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Trisha said...

Books...yes! They are such a gift. I've never heard of Shadow Spinner...will have to look it up. Your cute puppy looks simply exhausted. :)